Growing as Parents with the Word of God

God’s Word isn’t silent on the subject of parenting. That’s especially helpful for families in Peru, where family violence is a cultural norm.

When Reynalda, a mother of two in Peru, was given a Bible from Food for the Hungry (FH) as part of their work in her community, it opened doors for her. She grew as a parent, grew in grace – and found truth-filled guidance about what it means to “raise them right.”

Reynalda received a Bible from FH that helped ground her in truth and love.

Breaking the Cycle

As a girl, Reynalda experienced violence first-hand in her home. Hitting and yelling were part of her life, so she didn’t question whether it was normal. And sadly – later – a history of family violence influences how people treat their own children, creating a generational cycle.

But thanks to FH education and workshops addressing stress management and domestic violence, families in Reynalda’s community began to understand that there are better ways to handle discipline and difficult parent-child interactions.

And the foundation for this training and parental growth is God’s living and active Word.

Reynalda was thrilled to receive a Bible of her own during a recent distribution.

“When I was little, my dad read us the Bible. But when I grew up, I distanced myself from God and stopped going to church,” she said.

“But now that FH Peru has given us a Bible, I can read it again and share the Word of God with my daughters.”

“The Bible teaches us to have a good relationship with our partners,” Reynalda said. “The Word of God even teaches us how to raise our children.”

Reynalda and her daughter have grown closer.

Growing as Parents

Reynalda can see the transformation taking place in her family as well as for others in her community. The support she’s received from FH personally, as well as the benefits her children are experiencing through sponsorship, has been an enormous blessing for them all.

“My mom used to hit me,” Reynalda shares, “but I should not do the same with my children. I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, and I’m trying to change. That’s the most important thing for me.”

She adds that the training from FH is an important part of that.

“They teach us how to raise our children, educate them, and help them be more responsible,” Reynalda said. “My daughters have fun, learn, and enjoy themselves in the activities FH offers. That’s awesome! They’ve even begun to draw, paint, and write.

“But, even more important, we have all learned through FH that a family needs to live happily and in harmony.”

Reynalda shares Bible stories with her children. She is growing as a parent, and her daughters are becoming creative, responsible, and educated.

Dreams for the Future

“Like every person,” Reynalda says, “I want to grow and improve. I want my daughters to be better than me. As a mother, I tell my daughters my life experiences. I share my stories with them to explain that they must grow to be better than me.”

The hopes and dreams of a mother can become beautiful reality through the transforming power of God’s Word. Scripture brings awareness, opens hearts, provides hope, and sustains vulnerable families in their daily lives.

God’s Word helps moms and dads grow as parents as much as it helps their children as they grow up. And building families grounded in scripture is creating healthier communities all over the world.


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